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2012 Rodeo Run- photo credit: Nicole Lombardi

Ending the Season with a Bang!

Finishing the winter with a Race to the Sky 350 victory

Just 5 days after returning from the Wyoming Stage Stop, Jenny and the team headed to the capital city of Montana for the Race to the Sky 350 mile sled dog race. Jenny had competed in the Jr. Race to the Sky the previous 4 winters, but this was the first time in the 350 mile event. Alice, Bella, McGee, Khufu, DiNozzo, Super Cub, Emmett, Jasper, Paul, Embry, Kaycee, Cessena, and Jenny headed out into the mountains on Saturday and crossed the finish line Tuesday afternoon to become the 2014 champions! Jenny also received the Best Cared for Team Award, which she shared with second place finisher and friend, Laura Daugereau. It was a challenging race, but the team blazed down the trail posting fast run times between each checkpoint. She and her team were in third place leaving the last checkpoint, but caught the two teams ahead of her on the 75 mile run to the finish. Jenny would like to thank everyone who helped her and her dogs to get to this fantastic event! Special thanks to all the wonderful support from the team sponsors listed on the sponsorship page.
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2013 Jr. Iditarod finish video

2013 Beargrease finish video

Jenny is awarded Athlete of the Week

Beargrease win celebration surprise for the team

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2012-2013 Racing Season

This last season, we again started off the races with the Rodeo Run in West Yellowstone, placing 3rd in this memorable race that signifies the comeback for my rescue pups. We then competed again in the Darby Dog Derby race, placing 2nd. We also got 2nd place in a new race in West Yellowstone and were only seconds behind Buddy Streeper, who has one of the fastest sled dog teams in the world! I was so shocked and proud of my team for nipping at the heels of a team that has been at the top for years. We also competed in the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) which covers 4 states (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah) and is the largest race in the lower 48. This race is formatted like the Tour de France bicycle race where the dog teams run a stage in a different location each day. Even though the team was recovering from a bug that had gone through the kennel just before the race, we placed 17th overall and placed in the top 10 on 4 of the 8 stages including 2nd on the first stage! I then competed in the 100 mile Jr. Race to the Sky and placed 2nd. Next was my last Jr. Iditarod, and I ended up finishing in 3rd place just minutes behind the first and second place teams which were Dallas and Mitch Seavey’s teams. In addition to 3rd place, I was the top finishing female, Best Cared for Team, and Best Lead Dog for the second year in a row! I finished the season off with the 100 mile John Beargrease race in Duluth, Minnesota, where I placed 1st out of 30 adult mushers! After this season I was up to 7 Best Cared for Team (or Humanitarian) awards. Considering the high standard of dog care in these races, it is truly an honor to have received this award so frequently.

2011-2012 Racing Season

This season was quite exciting. For the first time, all of the dogs on my team were "veterans", meaning that thy all had at least one season of racing and training prior to this winter. Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Bella, and Kaycee who were all amazing last year as puppies were incredible this year. Bella and Alice took over as my main leaders and did great, leading in every single race. The whole team excelled in training and races and made it look like a piece of cake. I am very proud of my team for everything they did this year because we did have some really tough competition and even tough weather conditions. We rocked it at the Eagle Cap Extreme in Oregon, our first long race of the year, by taking 1st place with the second fastest course time in the history of the race. I also received Best Cared for Team Award. After that, we took 1st at the Jr. Race to the Sky again, but it was a close race. The second place team finished only 3 minutes behind me, and 3rd place was only 5 minutes behind! We were all ready to head up to Alaska when the team caught a bug. Even with having being sick before the Jr. Iditarod, we still finished in 5th, and received Best Cared for Team Award and the Best Lead Dog Award for Super Cub who lead with Bella at the end when Alice got an injury and had to ride in the sled. I was so proud of my team for pulling through this race even after feeling sick just before the race and having to go through the deep snow we acquired on the trail half way through the race. It was a very successful winter and I am happy with how everything went and am excited for next year.

2010-2011 Racing Season

In the 2010-2011 racing season, my dogs from the "Bush Plane Litter" and "Egyptian Litter" all had a year of training and racing under their belts and became my "veteran dogs". It was Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Bella, and Kaycee's first year of racing and training, but they did really well and were even better than the "veteran dogs"! We ran the Rodeo Run in West Yellowstone, MT and received 6th place. In the Green River Classic in Pinedale, WY, we received 10th place. In the Flathead Sled Dog Days in Olney, MT, we received 6th place and the Sportsmanship Award. In the Snow Dog Super Mush in Conconully, WA, we received 2nd place only minutes behind the 1st place team. In the Cascade Quest in Leavenworth, WA, we received another very close 2nd place and the Best Cared For Team Award. In the Jr. Race to the Sky in Lincoln, MT, we received 1st place and the Best Cared for Team Award. In our last race of the season, the Jr. Iditarod in Alaska, we received 5th place and the Rookie of the Year Award. It was a very successful season, and it was great to see the puppies of the team do so well! It is also great to know that they will be even better next year!

2009-2010 Racing Season

My dogs and I ran 566 miles of races and 1,800 miles of training runs in the 2009/2010 season. It was my dogs' first "real" year of training and racing, and they just turned 2 near the end of the season. We ran 160 continuous miles in the Red River Sled Dog Derby, 100 continuous miles in the Junior Race Sky, 100 miles in the American Dog Derby, and 40 miles in the Flathead Sled Dog Days Race. In the Junior Race to the Sky and Flathead race, I received Best Cared For Team Award. In The Red River race, we received Most Inspirational Award (sportsmanship award). We also ran 56 miles in the Green River Classic, 70 miles in the Snow Dog Super Mush, and 40 miles in the West Yellowstone Classic. I finished every race I entered, and my dogs were amazing, as always :).

"My dogs are first and foremost family."—Jenny

"I have known Jenny Greger her whole life. I have watched her grow as a musher and as a lady. I have been a race marshal for Race To The Sky for 11 years and have been running dogs for over 40 years. Jenny's Father is an extremely experienced musher and Jenny is following in his foot steps by caring for, training, and racing her own team. She is an experienced musher who knows her dogs and manages her team better than many 'adults'" - Race To The Sky Race Marshall