About Jenny Greger

Jenny and Blue Harness lead dog McGee
My name is Jenny Greger, and I am 17 years old. I was born into a world of mushing, for my father is a musher too. My mother does the AKC dog shows, and I do that with her during the summer with my Belgian Tervuren, JB. I started out running my dad's retired dogs in small sprint races. Then I began running my dad's distance racing team in sprint races to help get their speed up, but I never really was totally into it until I got my own dogs.
In the winter of 2008, 33 sled dogs were neglected and abandoned in West Yellowstone. They were starving and out in the cold and wind with no shelter. The snow was so deep that the snowmobiles were getting stuck, so my dad took some of his dogs and ran the rescue dogs back to our own and other dog trucks. We helped take care of dogs during the trial and fostered dogs as well. The day after the rescue, the bush plane litter of pups was born (Otter, Cessena, Piper, and Super Cub). Five days later, the Egyptian litter was born (Neffertiti, Ra, Tut, and Khufu). All the dogs were eventually handed over to the guy's father with the exception of a few, including the puppies that we got to keep.
Usually when we train new puppies, we run them with the veteran dogs so they copy and learn from the older dogs. However, my pups were too fast so only a couple of the "younger of the older" dogs could run with us, so I had to do a lot of training that normally the pups would just imitate from the adults. But racing with the dogs you've raised, trained, and taken care of is a whole lot better than winning with someone else’s dogs. Luckily, these newest pups, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Bella, and Kaycee, can learn from the rescue dogs. All of these new pups were born June 16, with Otter as the mom and Bronson as the father. Kaycee is a pup from Katie Davis that was a gift to me from the Hart family. In the summer of 2011, we welcomed 8 new puppies to the team. On July 20th, Pudgey (friend, Randy Camper's dog) gave birth to 5 puppies. The father of these 5 (Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul, and Seth) is Super Cub. Then, on August 23rd, Otter gave birth to the NCIS Litter (Ziva, DiNozzo, and McGee) who were sired by dad's 11 year old leader Leggs (who is 1/2 Belgian Shepherd).
In the summer, I take my Belgian Tervuren show dog, JB, to dog shows and compete in Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Junior Showmanship. I also have a new Belgian Sheepdog named Chevelle. She will go to dog shows with JB too. The sled dogs get the summer off and just relax or I'll let them loose together in a yard to play on cool days. I like to draw, take photographs, sew, and listen to music when I'm not doing something with my dogs.(these things I also do with my dogs sometimes too :)

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